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How to Choose a Water Blaster?

How to Choose a Water Blaster?

Do you need to clean: A deck driveway or roof? Does your boat car or caravan need a washdown? What is the state of your roof, fence, pathway? Sounds like you need a waterblaster.

A waterblaster could be the most versatile piece of equipment you own. Its labour saving abilities are legendary on the domestic front and for commercial use.

However, choosing the correct waterblaster for your needs is essential.

Expert guidance from the team at Complete Services is at hand. They will direct you to the best option
to suit your needs.


Outdoor Cleaning:

  • Paths
  • Walls
  • garage floors
  • barbecue areas
  • swimming pool surrounds
  • driveways

Roof cleaning using a waterblaster is a popular method to halve time and effort.

Vehicle cleaning:

  • Cars
  • Boats
  • caravans
  • trailers
  • motorbikes
  • driveways


  • garden furniture
  • garden tools

Mossy, dirty paths are cleaned quickly and efficiently. Concrete covered spades and shovels are promptly

Complete Services will help choose accessories to complete your chosen task whether it be to unblock
a muck-filled drain or to sand blast painted metal.

Sometimes a treatment of detergent beforehand is necessary depending on the nature of the work involved.


For domestic environments an electric waterblaster is the most practical and efficient option. Much quieter than the petrol driven waterblaster, the electric model must be used with a quality
RCD (Residual current device) and extension lead, allowing safety around water.

The petrol driven waterblaster is used where use of extension leads to a power source is not practical,
as in rural lifestyle properties or farming areas. Most petrol driven waterblasters do not have the stop/start automatic feature,therefore expert handling is required by the operator.

As it is pressure from your waterblaster that removes dirt etc, most domestic models will give a powerful 1500-1885 psi (pounds per sq inch) from a spray jet that can be controlled by adjusting the nozzle or adapting
to another type. Consequently, the higher the psi the higher the pressure, thereby producing the desired effect for light or heavy work.

Water volume MUST be considered as an essential component for a waterblaster to function at the highest level. When combined with correct pressure for the task at hand, nothing can match its efficiency.

Nozzles for adjusting degrees of volume and pressure are supplied by all leading brands of waterblaster and Complete Services are here to help you choose correctly.


The size of a waterblaster is often a consideration for operators.

Will it be a community device, used by many or a larger trolley mounted machine for heavy duty work. Wall mounting is also a convenient option.

Hose length is paramount in choosing a waterblaster, to be able to manouvre around cars, boats tralers etc without the inconvenience of moving the machine.
Cheap plastic hosing that kinks and bends is not an option. Quality high pressure hose is essential.


(The best models come with storage facilities for accessories which are numerous)

A right angle model for cleaning spouting or under cars boats trailers etc.

Patio and deck cleaning devices make the task much easier to perform with professional looking

Roof cleaning accessories can be used with a chemical treatment, enabling application to a slippery roof
from 15 metres away while operator is safely on the ground.